Coordinator, Maine Prisoner Advocacy Coalition


Wendy is a 42-year-old addict in long term recovery. Formerly in residence at Southern Maine Women’s Re-entry Center, she is currently a Coordinator for the Maine Prisoner Advocacy Coalition. As a recovery coach, Allen is passionate about helping others by sharing her experience, strength, and hope from active addiction into recovery.

Allen enjoy’s good conversation, baking, anything creative, and music. She is also a Facilitator for MHC Discussion Projects and winner of the 2022 MHC Facilitator Prize.


What if I Dared to Dream? 

This presentation is based around Allen’s personal journey from pre-addiction, active addiction and recovery. It focuses on the mind state of an addict, internal and external stigmas, how the addicted brain thinks, family affects, and what recovery looks like. 

This talk gives a “through the lens” view from someone that is affected by substance abuse disorder and shares insight into the struggles faced on a daily basis to find freedom from addiction. The message of this talk is that no dream is too big, and that change is possible.



Samara Cole Doyon is a second generation Haitian American and multi-generational Mainer–this state claiming half the roots of her family tree. She is a wife, mother, and teacher holding a BA in English from the University of Southern Maine and currently completing a Masters in Teaching and Learning.

She has been a regular contributor at Black Girl in Maine Media, has been featured in the Deep Water poetry column of the Portland Press Herald, and has authored children’s books Magnificent Homespun Brown (Tilbury House Publishers, January, 2020) and Magic Like That (Lee & Low Books, June 2021). 


Embracing Our Magnificence as an Act of Resistance

A discussion based on my debut children’s book, Magnificent Homespun Brown, and how systematically marginalized people survive and transcend oppression through unapologetic self-love and jubilation. 

Assistant Professor, School of Legal Studies, Husson University

Professor Kamorski is a retired US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel with 24 years of active-duty service, including a combat tour in Afghanistan, 4 years at the Pentagon, and preparing Congressional testimony for the US Air Force Director of Operations.

He has served on faculty at the US Air Force Academy, the University of Virginia, Liberty University, James Madison University, and Piedmont Virginia Community College. Professor Kamorski become a full-time faculty member for Husson University in 2014 after retiring from military service.


Criminal Justice Discussions: Law Enforcement, Courts, Correctional System Challenges 

200 Days in Afghanistan: USAF Deployment in 2009/10 as an Inspector General

Counterterrorism/Counterinsurgency Discussions: A Strategic Look at the Terrorist Threat

Leadership: Personal and Organizational, Defined and Applied