We’re thrilled to be offering Poetry Express in 2021 to a cohort of five organizations throughout Maine! Special National Poetry Month Poetry Express Kick Off: A special National Poetry Month event featuring a collective of poets including MHC staff, partners, facilitators, speakers & friends: Samaa Abdurraqib, Jan Bindas-Tenney,  Cait Vaughan, LaLa Drew, Samara Cole Doyon, Sass Linneken, Jenn Carter, Maya Williams. The event will explored the themes of healing and combating isolation through vulnerability and collaboration.  

2021 Cohort

  • The Telling Room: featuring young poets and exploring the themes of nationality, culture, and heritage through the The Telling Room’s new poetry anthology, A New Land. The Telling Room will center participants in exploring their past, present, and future in understanding what makes their identities unique: When We Began, Where We Are Now, and Who We Are Becoming.
  • Elder Abuse Institute of Maine: exploring the human experience across the lifespan and the aging network in Maine. Elder Abuse Institute of Maine will highlight the themes of hope, transitions, aging, change, growth, resilience, transformation, opportunity, reimagining a future, reclaiming identity and power of agency, and reciprocity.
  • Resources for Organizing and Social Change: exploring self-care and creativity as a means of resistance, community building, joy, connection and resilience. Resources for Organizing and Social Change will explore the themes of grassroots social change, inner growth, connection, mutual aid, response to pandemic/climate change/social injustice and unrest, justice and love.
  • Rockland Public Library: As the “Arts Capital of Maine” Rockland Public Library will use the arts to engage with the community around themes of inclusion and equity. They will explore the questions: What makes a welcoming and inclusive community? What are the identities that make up Rockland? How do we tie together Rockland’s past, present and future?