Guided activities happening now!  At The Big Question this year, the MHC will jump-start our multi-year engagement with Afrofuturism and Africanfuturism with two weeks of guided invitations, prompts, and curiosity-sparks delivered to your email inbox all springing from the question: What if ...? 
  • Curiosity-sparks delivered to your email inbox! Recordings created by our amazing guides just for this.
  • Engage at your own paceAll the content will be accessible from our website for at least a year
  • Attend a culminating live Zoom on Thursday, February 3! Meet the Guides and other participants
  • Registration is free!
  • Everyone who registers gets a welcome packet in the mail! With a tiny zine, a cake recipe, a postcard …


  • Skylar Bayer Assistant Professor of Biology, Aquaculture and Extension Specialist, Roger Williams University 
  • Ian-Khara Ellasante Assistant Professor of Gender and Sexuality Studies, Bates College 
  • René Goddess Johnson Executive and Artistic Director, an Embodied Equity Consultant, and Diversity Casting Director 
  • Maine Developmental Disabilities Council A partnership of people with disabilities, their families, and agencies which identify barriers to community inclusion, self-determination, and independence.