A flexible nonprofit reading program

designed by librarians

iREAD is a flexible, nonprofit reading program designed by librarians featuring appealing incentives, compelling and adaptable themes, and a comprehensive resource guide chock full of ideas and reproducibles.

The 2024 program, with the theme Read, Renew, Repeat will be available in early fall of 2023. Advanced orders of the 2024 Resource Guide will start shipping as early as November. Although originally designed as a summer reading program, iREAD can be used any time to develop excitement about books and reading


1. When will I order the resource guide? 

In August and early September. 

2. How will I place my order? 

We will announce on the Maine library listservs that the order form via Maine Humanities is open.

3. What’s the cost?

Paper & USB…$25.00
USB ONLY…$15.00
Online Access OnLY…$15.00

After 2024 iRead is going fully digital and online access will be the only option. Printing locally is always an option for you, though.

4. What if I still want to use CSLP instead if iRead?

You are absolutely welcome to. You may order directly from CSLP for a $20 membership fee plus the cost of the manual.