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The MHC Discussion Project offers comprehensive support to individuals and organizations all over Maine who want to convene members of their community to discuss things that matter to them.

Whether the people in a group are linked by their work, their place, or their lived experience, every project is intended to foster real communication and connection among participants through listening and being listened to. Every project’s discussions are grounded in the group’s engagement with a compelling text or set of texts. And every project is created with the needs of the people and community who are gathering in mind—so every project is unique.

What could YOU read?

These discussions gave all of us a lot to think about, and we got to have some challenging conversations in what felt like a very safe space.”


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Who will you convene?

Any individual or organization in Maine can apply to host a Discussion Project!  We want anyone and everyone in Maine who wants to have the opportunity to join in a rich, meaningful discussion with others about things that really matter to them.


We’re looking for people who love to engage with books, poems, and big ideas, and who are eager to discuss them with the incredible people who live in our state.

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Everything you need to help you convene your community for a Discussion Project.

Resources, forms, and links to support our Discussion Project facilitators

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