Connecting Maine communities using

books, poems, and big ideas.

Reading, listening, discussing what we read, reflecting on what we have learned, sharing stories and poems we value—over and over we see these simple activities have transformative effects on individuals and communities. People tell us they find a deeper understanding of themselves and one another and build lasting connections with others in their community.  

We believe anyone and everyone in Maine who wants to should have the opportunity to join a rich discussion about things that really matter to them.  We are especially keen to support programs and projects proposed by people and organizations serving those who are deeply isolated from each other and the wider community, and those whose work has public impact.

Our Programs

The Big Question

Experience this all-day event that brings people together with expert guides to think expansively about one question with a variety of answers.

Discussion Project

Convene members of your community for rich discussions, grounded in texts.

Maine Speaks

Host a gifted speaker who will share their expertise and lived experience in engaging ways with your community.

Poetry Express

Collaborate with a Maine poet to create a performance of Maine poems by and for your community.

Readers Retreat

Enjoy an all-day event that brings engaged readers together for a deep dive into one incredible book.

Read ME

Participate in a statewide summer reading experience highlighting extraordinary Maine authors.

Initiatives we Support

in Maine

Based in the Attorney General of Maine’s office, CRTP works to increase student safety by reducing bias-motivated behaviors and harassment in schools. It is the only program of its kind nationwide.

An annual event for teachers and students in grades 6-12 that promotes critical thinking skills through project-based learning, sponsored by the University of Maine Humanities Center and the Margaret Chase Smith Library.

Maine’s local affiliate of the National Council for the Social Studies. MCSS provides social studies educators in Maine with opportunities to build working relationships with peers, a forum for discussion of their work, and institutional representation for their interests and concerns.


These are some of the amazing people who bring our programs to life

No matter what we do—any program we host or support, any grant we give, any event we create—we rely on the expertise and experience of people all across Maine, from all sorts of backgrounds, to make them happen.

Upcoming Events

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Your gift will increase connections, agency, and engagement throughout Maine and help provide the facilitators, speakers, and books needed to create all of our programming.