Getting Started

The Project Coordinator’s role is grounded in the concrete work of settling schedules and sending reminders and tracking paperwork.  But the heart of it is hosting—inviting people to spend time together for a particular, shared purpose, and setting things up so that their time together can be as nourishing and rewarding as possible.

Branding and Publicity

A program of the Maine Humanities Council, Discussion Projects offer comprehensive support to individuals and organizations all over Maine who want to convene members of their community for rich discussions, grounded in texts, of things that matter to them.

After you’ve been awarded a Discussion Project, we strongly encourage you to let your community know with an announcement online—on social media, in your e-newsletter, on your website, etc.

When dates and details are confirmed, your MHC Point Person will provide you with a branded flyer and web image specific to your event(s). We ask that you do not alter the provided MHC branded images. For options that better meet your needs, please contact our Communications Coordinator.

If it’s your organization’s policy to include your logo on publicity materials, you are welcome to create your own include the Maine Humanities Council Logo.

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