Hosting a Discussion Project

The heart of the coordinator’s role is inviting people to spend time together for a particular, shared purpose, and setting things up so that their time together can be as nourishing and rewarding as possible.

Maine Humanities provides a number of tools and resources to support Discussion Project coordinators as they gather an audience and handle logistics.

Publicity and Branding

Let your community know you’ve just been selected to host a Discussion Project!

Program Description: A program of the Maine Humanities Council, Discussion Projects offer comprehensive support to individuals and organizations all over Maine who want to convene members of their community for rich discussions, grounded in texts, of things that matter to them.

Let your community know with an announcement online—on social media, in your e-newsletter, on your website, etc.

Tag us @mainehumanities when using social media so we can help spread the word.

Announcement Example: “We’re happy to announce that (your organization or name) has been selected by the Maine Humanities Council to host a Discussion Project, their facilitated reading and discussion program! We will be reading (books or program description). We can’t wait to share more about these exciting discussions grounded in texts—stay tuned!

Please use either the blue or white logo and the Maine Humanities Style Guide for any additional publicity materials you create.

Feedback Surveys

Help us know what’s most useful and supportive

We use your feedback to review, develop, and communicate about our programs. Any and all information you can give us about your experience is so important to us!