Share your deep experience and/or expertise

We’re working to build a cohort of speakers who live all over Maine and who have come to us from all walks of life. We’re looking for people who have deep experience and/or expertise and are eager to help the incredible people who live in Maine explore complex topics, gain insight, and broaden perspectives.

Some of our speakers share a topic they work with professionally, as writers, teachers, professors. Others speak from their lived experience: the stories, lessons, and perspectives of their lives. All of our speakers enjoy sharing what they’ve gleaned from their experience and discussing it with other people.

Serving as a speaker with Maine Speaks is flexible, paid, contract work. We provide ongoing training, mentorship, and support for our speakers, and the chance to connect with our state-wide network of speakers—people who are also community organizers, poets and writers, teachers, librarians, researchers, social service providers, veterans, journalists, you name it.

Apply Now

Applications are reviewed twice a year

  • Spring deadline: March 31. 
  • Fall deadline: August 31. 

You can expect to hear from us within a month of the deadline.