Guided activities happening now!  At The Big Question this year, the MHC will jump-start our multi-year engagement with Afrofuturism and Africanfuturism with two weeks of guided invitations, prompts, and curiosity-sparks delivered to your email inbox all springing from the question: What if ...? 
  • Curiosity-sparks delivered to your email inbox! Recordings created by our amazing guides just for this.
  • Engage at your own paceAll the content will be accessible from our website for at least a year
  • Attend a culminating live Zoom on Thursday, February 3! Meet the Guides and other participants
  • Registration is free!
  • Everyone who registers gets a welcome packet in the mail! With a tiny zine, a cake recipe, a postcard …


  • Skylar Bayer Assistant Professor of Biology, Aquaculture and Extension Specialist, Roger Williams University 
  • Ian-Khara Ellasante Assistant Professor of Gender and Sexuality Studies, Bates College 
  • René Goddess Johnson Executive and Artistic Director, an Embodied Equity Consultant, and Diversity Casting Director 
  • Maine Developmental Disabilities Council A partnership of people with disabilities, their families, and agencies which identify barriers to community inclusion, self-determination, and independence.

Each year, on the third Saturday of October, The Big Question brings people together with expert guides to grapple with question.

In 2017, we asked the question “How can we know?"  Listen to MHC Program Officer Meghan Reedy  talk to folks about how they know things in the work they do.

As you listen, you may find yourself wondering "Who is the 'we' in the question 'How can we know?'" That's the next question! Join us on October 20 for the 2018 Schwartz Forum question "Who is we?"

Each year, on the third Saturday in October, The Big Question brings people together with expert guides to grapple with a question. In 2017, the question we asked ourselves was ‘How can we know?’ One of the most exciting things about asking this question was getting to talk with all sorts of people about how this crazy big question arises for them in the work that they do. In preparing for 2018's big question, MHC program officer Meghan Reedy talked birds and citizen science with Maine Audubon’s Doug Hitchcox.