Professor of History, University of New England


Elizabeth DeWolfe is Professor of History at the University of New England where she teaches courses in women’s history, archival research, and American culture. Dr. DeWolfe is a historical detective: she hunts archives for the traces of ordinary women, piecing together their all-but-forgotten lives from disparate clues.

Dr. DeWolfe’s book on the short life and tragic death of a textile mill girl, The Murder of Mary Bean, was named the Outstanding Book of 2008 by the New England Historical Association. She has also written on anti-Shaker activists, on textile factory workers, and on an 1890s political scandal involving a US congressman, his mistress, and a spy


The Great Turn-Out of 1841: Maine Textile Workers on Strike! 

Dangerous Temptations: Textile ‘Factory Girls’ in Fact and Fiction

Tales of the Archive: Inspired Ideas, Careful Planning, and Just Dumb Luck in Research

A Useful Employment for the Fingers: Victorian Hair Jewelry